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"It is of highest inportance in the art of detection to be able to recognise out of a number of facts, which are incidental and which are vital" - Sherlock Holmes.

"Everyone is a suspect until proven otherwise" - Police Authorities.


Welcome to 221B Baker Street. The home of Sherlock Holmes, one of the worlds greatest detectives, and his occuplist Dr. Watson.
There are 14 locations in this game where you can pick up clues. Each of these locations maybe open to you, or maybe closed. If this occurs you must go to the Locksmith to obtain a skeleton key, which you can use to open the locked building door. These locations are;
Chemist, Bank, Carriage Depot, Docks, Hotel, Locksmith, Museum, Newsagents, Park, Pawnbroker, Theatre, Boar's Head, Scotland Yard and a Tobacconist.
It is advisable to check off a location after you have entered it; and keep track of all clues, however insignificant they may seem at the time, by using a note-pad.

You must remember to never press Back, on your web browser. The reason for this is simple. If you want to cheat dont bother playing this game. This game is to test your dective abilities in certain situations, so if you aren't up to the challage, go and look at a web-page which best suits your ability.
At the end of each mission send your answers to the questions which you must find out to my e-mail address, including the case you have done. If you guess correctly who has done it etc, I will post your name on the Detective List. The more you complete the higher you get. If you want me also to tell you the end of the story, ask in your e-mail letter. I will be more than greatful to send you a reply.

The Murder cases
The Rewritten Death
The Thief's cipher
The Royal Heir
The Duping Diogenes
The Giant Rat of Sumatra
The Unholy Man
The Dead Investor
The SIlver Patch
The Disappearing Doctor
The Chaneleon's Vengeance
The Kidnapped Infant
The Murdered Banker
The Bones of Contention
The Eternal Sleep
The Locked Chamber
The SUicdal Arhitect
The Bludgoning Bobby
The Murdered Prankster
The Tabacconist's Demise
The Waylaid Courier
The MUrdered Chemist
The Beeswaz Heiress
The Coded Message
The Repeated Murder
The Missing Plans
The Pillages Pawnbroker
The Luckless Mariner
The Empty-handed Thief
The Unpaid Fare
The Peculiar Charwoman
The BAshful Benefactor
The Duplicate Deaths
The Banker's Note
The Murdered Manager
The Reporter's List
The Bloodthirst Bard
The Posthumous Client
The Spinster's Will
The Mettlesome Bride
The Financier's Fall


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